1. Truth Hurts

From the recording Forever Green -2022 Remaster

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We’ve all said a few things rude things
wished we had not
gone and done some things dumb things
hoped you forgot
when they subtract the facts
things won’t add up
now your stuck in the middle of a lie

Truth hurst if you hiding
something that’s needed
the truth works in time
it will set you free
Truth hurts if your lying
would you say it again
Truth works in time to free the guilty hand

So quick to place the blame no gain
hide from the pain
cover up your lies under dark skys disguised
dry from the rain
neglect the heart of those who carry your name
say man what a shame


Some days we are afraid in other ways
your promise paid some may say
is this the end no oh ooh oh no
Truth Hurts
truth works


To understand you’ve got to be hit
by a guilty hand