From the recording EPK Media


I’m sold on a new type of love but still wrong
I know you’ve been there before in and out
I think of your face now and again but you’re gone
Just another wasted invading memory
No one wins who’s right what’s really going on here
Everyone keeps fading
in and out

I still get lost sometimes
In and out of love
I’ve lost my mind I’m lost sometimes
Im lost in a line
In and out of Love

It’s been one hell of a fight in this life
I did my time there’s plenty of fire inside.
You said I love too much you said l loved you until it hurt inside
You said I loved to much you know it’s real when it hurts

Letting go this time
Letting go its all right
I don’t want to cry
Anymore tonight
Letting go


This love
In and Out of love

Today I’m in love
Tomorrow out of love
Today I’m in love again
One day I will love again

In and out of love
I’m not the first one you’ve seen
In and out of love
You’re not the last one for me
When the doubt begins
is it love again or is this the end